Providing Careful and Honest Advice for Thrity Years

Copy of Paul D. Sullivan, Attorney at law

Providing Careful and Honest Legal Advice for Thirty Years


Four Generations of Sullivan Lawyers Have Helped Their Mississippi Neighbors.

My great grandfather, Daniel Enoch Sullivan, started life during Reconstruction on a red dirt cotton farm in the Mississippi Hill Country. Without the benefit of a law school or even college education,he "read for the law" by studying the books at night, and working part time in an experienced attorney's office when he could get away from the farm. He passed the Mississippi  bar exam and went on to be the first of three bothers who practised law in Leake County, Mississippi from the 1880's forward. Every generation of my family since then has had at least a couple of Mississippi lawyers. I am proud to be in the fourth generation of my family to practice here in Mississippi. If I can help you or your family, call me and let's talk.





323 Market Street, Suite 201, Natchez, Missisippi  39120


(601) 334-9741


Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

I have spent thirty years representing people who were hurt in car wrecks, truck wrecks and other accidents. If I can help you understand how to deal with the aftermath of an injury, please call me. Many nice people hesitate to call a lawyer after an accident because they do not want to seem like they are "sue happy," or "out for money." Rest assured, I am only interested in representing legitimate victims; however, "nice people" are injured in accidents every day, and unfortunately, insurance companies tend to treat "nice people" very shabbily. Don't be mistreated by the other fellow's insurance company, or your own insurance company. If you have questions about a personal injury, and what your rights and responsibilities are, please call me. I am proud to help anyone who is dealing with an insurance company.

Divorce and Family Law

If you need legal advice concerning a divorce, child custody, visitation or child support rights, call me for an office consultation. There is no charge for me to explain the system to you and answer your questions about your rights and responsibilities under the law.

BUSINESS set up/commercial litigation

I have litigated a wide range of commercial disputes, including non-compete agreements, franchise disputes, tax disputes with government authorities, and other areas of commercial litigation,in both state and federal courts. I offer completely confidential consultations.

Criminal Law

I was a state prosecutor in Charlotte County , Florida for two years, and have spent the following 28 years representing people charged with all sorts of crimes. Call me if you need an experienced criminal trial attorney. I have tried approximately two hundred jury trials, both as prosecutor and defense attorney, including first degree murder, drug trafficking, sex crimes, and robbery. I have extensive experience representing people charged with DUI, including over 140 DUI jury trials. Call me to see if I can help you. I pride myself on aggressive, experienced and compassionate representation. I  represent people charged with crimes throughout Mississippi and Florida. 


If you need help probating a will, or dealing with the death of a loved one who left no will, call me for a free consultation.


The first duty of society is justice
— Alexander Hamilton


Let's Chat.

I would be happy to discuss any legal problem or question you may have. Typically I do not charge for initial consultations in my office. Any discussion we have is completely confidential.  I practice primarily in Natchez, Adams County, Mississippi, but am available to represent you anywhere in Mississippi, or Florida. Just call me to set up an appointment.

If you prefer, please fill out the information below and I can get back to you via email.